exterior: The nuts and bolts of detailing; this is where it all starts. We thoroughly remove any loose dirt or debris with our pre-rinse and a quick spray down of the paint, tires, wheels and door jambs. Using a clean microfiber mitt and our locally made suds, we gently scrub your paint from top to bottom. Then, we dry your paint with a synthetic chamois to prevent water spots on the clean surface.

interior:  With our powerful 6.5hp shopvac and our magic elbow grease, we vacuum every inch of the interior removing loose dirt, dog hair, glitter, goldfish crackers, etc. All of your hard surfaces and leather are then wiped down with a gentle, low odor, multi-purpose cleaner; we even clean the cracks and crevices with a small boar’s hair brush. Next, we dress your tires while wiping any water spots and residual brake dust from your wheels. Finally, we clean all of your windows to a perfectly streak free and crystal-clear finish.


Clay Bar and Wax

This is probably the most common question we get: “What is a clay bar”? To put it simply, it is a piece of clay that is specifically designed for automotive paint that removes contaminants from the paint’s surface that soap and water will not remove. These impurities, which include tree sap, rail dust, brake dust and microscopic dirt, must be removed before a wax is applied.

Our wax is specially formulated here in Memphis, TN and provides unbeatable overall protection that will keep your vehicle shiny and shielded from any contaminants that will harm your beautiful paint. We apply the wax by hand with a clean microfiber pad guaranteeing complete coverage of all painted surfaces. We recommend applying a new wax every quarter (3-4 months).

Clay Bar Diagram.jpg

Headlight Restoration

There are hundreds of “As Seen On TV” products and DIY methods that provide a temporary improvement to your headlights. Unfortunately, you’ll notice within a short period of time they will be right back to where they started: foggy and yellow.  Our solution completely removes the oxidation and brings your headlights to as close to new as they can get. We start by sanding down the top layer a microscopic amount, just enough to get to new plastic. Then, using a high-speed buffer and a series of compounds, we polish the lens to a brilliant shine.


Seat and Carpet Shampoo

Whether you had an accidental spill or your cloth and carpet have become a little dingier than they used to be, you may need a little more than just a vacuum.  Using an upholstery extractor, our formulated shampoo and determination, we can remove just about any stain you throw at us.


Leather Conditioner

Just as you moisturize your own skin to prevent aging and cracking, your leather needs the same attention. We use a locally made, silicone free leather conditioner that nourishes and protects your automotive saddle. We recommend this treatment quarterly (3-4 months).


Paint Restoration | Scratch Removal

This service is the answer to anything from shopping cart scratches to dull, oxidized paint. There are a lot of scratches and imperfections in your paint that may be repairable. Likewise, if your paint isn’t as brilliant as it was off the showroom floor, this treatment will bring your paint back to the mirror finish it had when it was new.  Each case is unique so please contact us to schedule a consultation to determine the best course of action